Project Description

Mobilex MP3

Office Soundproof Meeting Pod for up to 4 people

The Space for Thinking Big

This space is a real crowd pleaser, becuae that’s
what it does. Office soundproof meeting pod is the
space for your whole team to brainstorm new ideas
or hold meetings and seminars for extended periods.

Product info

Exterior size(mm):
W78.7″ D63″ H86.6″

Internal size(mm)
W74″ D59.8″ H81.9″

Clear glass up to Rw 40 dB

Wall, Ceiling
EchoFree acoustic panels,
standard colours

  • Sound insulation

  • Acoustic panels

  • Automated air circulation

  • LED

  • 110-240V + 5V USB

600 kg/1322.8lb

Carpet, standard colours

Right or left handed

Aluminium profiles
Standard colours

Exterior colour
Standard colours

red         pink

white    blue

black     yellow

sound insulation cotton color
Standard colours

Any color can be customized
RAL color code

Client can customize different size
Our standard size:
MP1: 1000*1000*2200mm(W*D*H)
MP1+: 1200*1200*2200mm(W*D*H)
MP2: 2000*1000*2200mm(W*D*H)
MP3: 2000*1600*2200mm(W*D*H)

Accessories: all theaccessories supports customized, such as: lights, switch, socket, smart lock, desk…
Shapes: We can produce the booth according to the client’s drawing photos(OEM/ODM).

Soundproof meeting booth for four person

Integrated air circulation, 4K LED Lighting.
110-240V wall socket and USB outlet.
It supports US, EU, UK, AU voltage/socket standard.
It supports customized colors and your company logo.

Solve your noise problem


We test our products with cutting edge technologies in professional environment.
Our team is comitted to bringing the best possible solutions to the market

Worry About Installation?

Quick & Easy install

1 hour fastest
2 people minimum for assembling
6 sides constitute

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